Flexible Program Fees for Students and Young Professionals

Duration Program Fee for UnPaid Internships (USD) Program Fee for Paid Internships (USD)
1-3 Months 500$ 700$
4 Months 600$ 800$
5 Months 700$ 1000$
6 Months 800$ 1200$
Our goal is to hire successful interns and develop them into promising candidates for rewarding, full-time careers with T. Rowe Price. You’ll be assigned a meaningful, summer-long project that will help you gain valuable hands-on experience in your chosen field.

What you get as a Peru Internships Program Price intern

In addition to your summer project, our program is designed to enhance your overall experience by exposing you to our organization and culture through additional opportunities. Benefits of an internship at the company include:

Salary: Internship positions are paid a comparable salary based on year of study and relevant experience.

Experience: Actual work experience in your major is a valuable addition to your resume.

Mentors: Experienced professionals will help guide you in your position and beyond as you continue your schooling.

Meaningful work: You will be working on projects that count, contributing to your team.

Networking: Special networking events for summer interns are held with senior management, associates, and other interns.

Speakers: All interns are invited to attend a leadership speaker series with senior management.

Professional development activities: Enhance your skills with company-sponsored training and workshops.

Contacts: Build relationships with a range of collegial and experienced T. Rowe Price associates.

Career test-drive: Working in your major field gives you a chance to see if this is the career choice for you and, if not, may open your eyes to other related careers.

Housing benefits: Some positions offer housing assistance.

  • The average monthly wage of the internships is $300 USD and the standard duration is between 3 to 6 months.
  • To book your place in our program, you just have to sign a contract and pay via Paypal a $150 USD Deposit (included in the total program fee). If the Partner Company does not select you, we will refund you the deposit.