Following are excerpts from recent student evaluations of their internship experience if you have completed an internship without submitting your feedback.


Clare Merz

“My summer internship at Peru was truly a wonderful experience. I not only grew in friendships, but in my knowledge of the business world. I had individuals willing to walk me through new experiences with patience, allowing me to grow to full potential. It has been a work experience I have truly enjoyed.”

“Throughout my entire time with Convergence, I was given substantive work that made me feel like I was not only learning, but actively contributing to the organization’s goals. As part of the Peru Leaders Forum team, I found myself deeply involved in work from day one, when I met with a potential partner to discuss a new business venture between Peru businesses. I became the point person for that relationship for my whole tenure with Convergence. This chance to shoulder the duty of representing Convergence in a new partnership was demanding, educational and rewarding.”

"i had a problem in my job and i contact John from ,  He was very professional , and response and responded to my problem very fast the same day and help me fix the problem i had with my manager at my job. i am very satisfied with the treatment i got from the internship group. thank you guys for being there!"
Sandra Mayer
Zurich, Switzerland
"My job experience in lima and my placement and my total experience with peruinternships and the internship group is really great. it is an experience that i will remember for the rest of my life having done my internship in a country i always had the passion to learn and know about"
Thomas Garcia
Toronto, Canada
"I did my internship in Peru , John and Maria pick me up from the airport and welcome me to Peru . John was very kind , professional and curios and spoke really good English. Maria is great and funny. Maria explain to me how to move around the city. Maria took me to the room she rented for me and even pick me up next day and took me to my first day on the job. thank you
Mike Bisset
Antwerp, Belgium
"i had a great experience teaching English in Peru,  was very polite , organized and professional.  All i had to do is arrive to the airport and everything was just there"
David Clark
Atlanta, Georgia United States
"My time in peru was well spent. i found about through a friend that recommended them . My overall experience with PeruInternships is great. i enjoyed every moment i spent in Peru. i will totally recommend them to my friends"
Amy Allard
Lille, France
"I really wanted to do my internship fast and only had two weeks to decide, so i contacted Peruinternships and in two weeks i was in Peru working. John and Maria arrange everything for me. They even help me buy my airline ticket. I total recommend PeruInernships. you guys are awesome"
Bruce Thomson
Chicago ,IL United states